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Disability & Senior Care in Portland, Oregon

Through a team of dedicated providers, we bring you
customized care that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

With four levels of care, our exceptional in-home care program offers support to you and your loved ones along a spectrum of needs. Our services range from housekeeping, assistance with day-to-day activities, medication management, memory care support, and consideration of many other special needs. With a minimum shift of four hours, we are available any time of the day, seven days a week.

All services begin with a thorough in-person assessment with you and your family. We’ll explore the different ways that we can help, and develop a service plan that is tailored to meet your needs. This service plan guides our staff, and provides you with the best possible support for your situation.

Our staff are hands-on, and communicate with each other about ongoing needs, progress, and changes to physicians, family, and other members of their care team. All care is supervised by our RN Care Managers, licensed and registered nurses in the state of Oregon.

Levels of Care

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Companion Care

We believe that the emotional needs of care are as important as the physical needs. Our caring, compassionate staff prioritizes emotional support and positive, frequent interaction.

Homemaker Services

A key advantage to in-home care is that you are treated in your own space where you feel most comfortable. Our services include a variety of household chores that help keep your environment both safe and therapeutic.

Personal Care

Many of our clients struggle with day-to-day self care. We provide assistance with essential hygiene, such as dressing and undressing, bathing, dental, and other personal needs.

Complex Care

If you or your love one is in need of medication services, have cognitive decline, or cannot self-direct, we provide maintenance services with a full nursing assessment and frequent monitoring.

Our Approach

From inquiry and assessment to the end of service, our approach is designed to provide clear communication every step of the way.


This initial phase includes meeting and introductions, and discussion of your care preferences and desired outcomes. We listen carefully, and reach a better understanding of your physical, mental, and emotional needs, in order to determine your level of care and draft an individualized service plan.

Service Plan

The service plan describes our understanding of your physical, cognitive, and functional limitations; states your health and wellness goals and outcome measurement; and defines specific tasks and preventative actions (as necessary). It describes the medical equipment and supplies that are used in the home and explain special nutritional needs and food or medication allergies. Additionally, it outlines the types and frequency of services to be provided, the level of medication services to be provided, the home evacuation plan, and the discharge and referral plan.


Home visits are conducted by our qualified staff to ensure excellent care. The first visit is held a week after the first service date and not later than 30 days; follow-up visits take place quarterly. If medication administration is required, our Registered Nurse will conduct cognitive self-administration evaluations on a quarterly basis.


When our services are no longer needed, we will close the account after confirmation from you. This may happen with a phone call, in-person meeting or in writing.

Sinai In-Home Care policies and procedures are in accordance with the Oregon Administrative Rules establishing the standards for licensure of in-home care agencies operating in Oregon.

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